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Research Gap

The research gap is a critical component of your dissertation, and the importance cannot be overstated. It serves several crucial purposes in the research process:

  • Identifying Novel Contribution

The research gap represents an area within a particular field or topic where existing literature, theories, or methods fall short in addressing key questions or problems. By clearly defining the gap, you are essentially staking out a space for your research to make a unique and novel contribution to the field. Your dissertation should aim to fill this gap with new knowledge, insights, or solutions.

  • Academic Significance

Demonstrating a well-defined research gap is a fundamental requirement in academia. It highlights your understanding of the existing body of knowledge and your ability to identify areas where further research is needed. This is crucial for gaining the support and approval of your dissertation committee, as well as for publishing your work in academic journals after your Ph.D.

  • Relevance and Motivation

The research gap helps you establish the relevance of your research. It provides context for why your work is important and how it fits into the broader academic conversation. A clear research gap also motivates your research, as you can explain to yourself and others why your study matters and how it can address an existing deficiency in knowledge.

  • Defining Research Objectives

Once you have identified the research gap, you can develop specific research objectives and questions that guide your work. These objectives serve as a roadmap for your dissertation, helping you stay focused and ensuring that your research remains aligned with the identified gap.

  • Justification for Your Study

When writing a Ph.D. dissertation proposal or seeking research funding, you will need to articulate why your study is worth pursuing. The research gap serves as the justification for your research project, making it clear why your work is necessary and how it will advance the field.

The research gap in a Ph.D. dissertation is essential for guiding your study, grounding your research, establishing its importance, and demonstrating your contribution to the academic community. It is the starting point for your research journey and plays a central role in the success of your work.

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